Who We Are

The Martschin Family (pronounce that: marching without the "g". No, it's not French, even though our ancestors came from a small village in Gallia.) founded Robelix (which is Gaelic for "When only the very best will do") in 1977, in the northern B.C. Asbestos mining town of Cassiar as a family business. All members of the Martschin clan were at one time or are now a part of Robelix.

Robert says his favourite charity is fighting poverty - namely that of his own and his family. When he came to this wonderful country, he had nothing - well, next to nothing, $753.99 and an old station wagon. Within 5 years he managed to work himself into $130,000 worth of debt. Ever since he worked backwards, because one sleeps much better having nothing, than owing.

In 1985 with the help of Ted Sandhu and City Furniture the Martschin Family and Robelix came to Dawson Creek and worked diligently at making Dawson Creek from a good place to a better place to live. Gertraud with teaching and performing music and building up the Kiwanis Community Band, and Robelix by being the only appliance repair business in the South Peace Country. Everyone else either died, went broke or quit and moved away. Dawson Creek is a good place to raise a family, but don't take my word for it. Ask somebody who has done so successfully. Ask Al and Mary, Rupert and Claire, Charles and Heidy, and many, many others.