What We Do

We have factory authorized warranty depot status with most manufacturers, North American and International. The exception are 2 or 3 brands no one sells in this part of the world. In case you own such a rare make and have problems with it, we can still help by special authorization. With the exception of Sears and The Brick, both of whom have their own warranty coverage, you need not call the store where you purchased your appliance in case of a problem. Stores sell appliances, we repair them and are under contract by the manufacturers to perform the service on their behalf. So whatever the problem, call us and we take it from there.

We make weekly trips to ChetwyndTumbler RidgeSpirit River and Fort St.John. This allows us to service such a large area for a reasonable flatrate milage charge. We have done jobs as far away as WorsleyMacKenzie and Grande Cache.

The second week of every month we take our service to Fort Nelson and all the way to Liard Hotsprings. So if you live anywhere along the Alaska Highway, give us a call to discuss service and mileage charges. It may cost less than you think.

We are very good at installing dishwashers in your kitchen in such a way that makes them serviceable; and that's very important for future service.

We also service water treatment equipment such as softeners and we supply repair parts and filters.